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Action-Packed Steampunk Fun

‘Green Game: TimeSwapper’ & ‘Red Game Without A Great Name’ Offers 2D Action-Packed Steampunk Fun On PC & PS Vita

Death Is But A Path We All Must Take!

Indie game developer and publisher iFun4All is proud to present two compelling games now available on iOS®, PSN® and on STEAM™. Green Game: TimeSwapper and Red Game Without a Great Name are great action-packed arcade games sharing a common theme: A challenging 2D world, where you control a mechanical bird in a dangerous environment, in which the exciting gameplay will cause you to die – and die a lot!

Green Game: TimeSwapper:

Red Game Without a Great Name:

In Green Game: TimeSwapper you are the master of time, and can set it to the past, present or the future. Use this skills to navigate your mechanical bird on its mission to collect knowledge about a mysterious greenish-world! The bird never ceases to move, and you cannot stop it! Control time to activate and deactivate various mechanisms to allow safe passage to the cage without dying (which is easier said than done). With its 50 difficult levels, multiple destinations to success, and plenty of gear and power-ups to collect, do you have what it takes to survive? Blades of windmills will slice the bird – pistons will squash it, and spiked gates will crush it. Solve challenges, avoid traps and activate the generators causing a change in direction of your bird.

In Red Game Without a Great Name you control a mechanical bird that serves as a messenger in a hostile, steampunk world. To successfully deliver messages, you must maneuver the bird to safety, avoiding obstacles ahead. The camera and bird moves at their own pace and never stops, and the trick is to teleport the bird across points by clicking on it, and by dragging to mark its destination. Highly addictive, yet frustratingly difficult, the game offers intuitive controls taking time to master. 60 fast-paced levels await with dangerous traps and obstacles. 3 power-ups and 180 types of gear are included, all adding to the fun. With a little luck and plenty of practice, you might make it to the end.

Green Game: TimeSwapper is available on iOS® / Apple TV, the PlayStation® Store and on PC, Mac and Linux via STEAM™.

Red Game Without a Great Name is available on iOS®, the PlayStation® Store and on PC, Mac and Linux via STEAM™.

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