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Alien Shooter TD

‘Alien Shooter TD’ Challenges You To Command A Platoon Of Elite Warriors Against Hordes Of Incoming Monsters

Unique Blend Of Shooter & Tower Defense On iOS® & Android™

Alien Shooter TD by veteran games developer Sigma Team is available today on iOS® and Android™, and is the latest installment to the best-selling franchise of Alien Shooter games offering a unique gameplay experience of shooter and tower defense (TD) inspired by the popular series.

Launch trailer:

Earth is under attack! Violent battles are raging the world and bloodthirsty monsters are on the prowl. You play the commander of a specialized platoon of elite warriors in the midst of a large-scale war. Fight or flight in a battle to save humanity and only by protecting your towers will you prevail. Each soldier within your unit is customizable with skills, abilities, weapons and upgrades. Troops can be sent to camp to hone their combat skills, and seven character classes with unique characteristics are included with the download. Hundreds of weapons are available allowing you to equip and customize your warriors to your personal preference of play. Weapons can be upgraded and even disassembled and exchanged for currency or auxiliary supplies. Supply drones can replenish munitions for your team and landmines and bombs can bail you out in critical situations.

Alien Shooter TD is a free download with daily supply crates that includes ammunition, weapons, coins and more. Creepy monsters and epic explosions are part of the fun. Sigma Team has put a lot of effort into creating a real-life presentation of events, as there is a limited munitions stock for each type of weapon. If you manage your resources well, you just might survive!

Guess what happens to the dead monsters at the end of each level?

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