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Baila Latino

Prestigious Carolyn Smith Dance Academy Plays Host To The Release Of ‘Baila Latino’ Now Available On Wii U™

Dance Like A Professional!

Get ready to bust a move with the release of Baila Latino now available from the European Nintendo e-Store, courtesy of indie games developer and publisher O2 Games. Scheduled for European release on June 22nd and digital release in North America on May 28th, Baila Latino is an inspiring dance title suitable to players of all ages and experience levels. In addition to being available on Nintendo Wii U, Baila Latino is soon to be launched on next generation consoles, in addition to the Wii Classic, Apple iPad and on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Official trailer:

Dancing is great for your mind, your body, and your soul, and Baila Latino offers 20 of the very best Latin America dance tracks carefully chosen by the developer, and includes professional choreography by the skilled dancers Carlo Romano and Vera Sokolova from the prestigious Carolyn Smith Dance Academy. Played solo or up to four players in multiplayer mode with family and friends, lyrics appear on the Wii U gamepad as you show off your dance moves and others singalong!

Gameplay trailer:

Baila Latino is a groovy family-friendly game with fantastic music, great gameplay and multiple modes of play. In Single Dance mode you challenge and compete against other players with a single track, while Throw-Out mode eliminates the player with the lowest score. Battle mode and Endurance mode offers 3 and 5 dances respectively, with the winner having the highest score and eternal bragging rights! Are you ready to take on your friends?

Baila Latino is available from here:

Check out this really cool introductory video by Carolyn Smith, known from Dancing With The Stars in Italy:

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