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Clay Hunt Pro

Feature-Rich ‘Clay Hunt Pro’ On iOS® & Android™ Offers A Highly Realistic Skeet- & Shotgun-Shooting Gameplay Experience

The Official Successor To Popular Series Is Ready For Release!

 Mobile game developer Aleksi Rantonen is proud to announce May 8th 2017 as the official worldwide release date for Clay Hunt Pro, the most advanced shotgun shooting simulator for mobile devices. Clay Hunt Pro is the official continuation to the popular series with more than five million downloads and is complete redesigned emphasizing the level of realism both on simulating the different shooting disciplines and physics related to shotgun shooting.

Launch Trailer:

Clay Hunt Pro includes a host of exciting gameplay modes featuring various fun disciplines and arcade challenges, such as: Trap, Double Trap, Skeet, Pop-up Target Shooting and Pigeon Hunting. Clay Hunt Pro even offers its players to attend live events and monthly cups in competition to claim the title as best shooter! Become part of the growing community and share, watch and discuss about replays to learn best techniques. Thru its advanced options, the game can even be used as a training tool. With its intuitive touch controls, realistic simulation of physics and numerous shooting disciplines, you can enjoy the game for a casual play session or play it to hone your skills for global events!


  • Accurate simulation of popular shotgun shooting disciplines: Skeet, Trap and Double Trap
  • Arcade game modes: popup target shooting, pigeon hunting
  • Monthly cups with regular live events for players to compete globally
  • Realistic physics with accurate simulation of shot string
  • Unique first person shooting experience

Clay Hunt Pro can be enjoyed by players of all experience levels. Says Kevin, shotgun expert consulting the developer for Clay Hunt Pro: “I have been struggling with trap shots in my sporting clay competitions. To be able to play the game the evening before as a simulator and then apply what I practiced is simply awesome.”

 Clay Hunt Pro download links:

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