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Cooking Witch

Cartoonish ‘Cooking Witch’ On STEAM™ Features An Evil Witch On A Quest To Snatch-And-Cook Helpless Victims!

A Cauldron Of Fun Awaits!

Indie game developer VaragtP Studios is proud to announce May 18th 2017 as the official worldwide release date for Cooking Witch on STEAM™, an exciting gameplay experience offering a colorful cast of characters, such as an evil witch on a quest to snatch helpless victims from the depths of the forest!

Game trailer:

Cooking Witch is a humorous arcade game with a witch on a mission! A party in the woods is a great opportunity to satisfy a grumbling stomach by swooping down on innocent victims to snatch munchkins for your wonderful feast! Jump on your broom, take to the skies, and grab as many munchkins as possible before tossing them in your cauldron… However, watch out for angry wood folks trying to spoil the fun. You can upgrade your equipment such as your broom, cauldron and hooks, which allows you to carry additional munchkins in a single trip. The games shop is packed full of goodies to obtain! For each level in the game, you have a list of objectives to complete if you wish to achieve a high score and a perfect star ranking.

Cooking Witch on STEAM™:

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