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Robot Gentlemen Studios

“We originally approached GAME PROMOTER™ to support the launch of our debut title 60 Seconds!. Their hard work and a wide network of contacts made it possible to generate an early buzz for our game that quickly translated into a rapidly growing interest and introduced a wide range of audiences to our project. We were extremely happy to have worked with GAME PROMOTER™ and are looking forward to working with these talented folks again!”

Hashbang Games

“We hired GAME PROMOTER™ for our launch title Gravi, and they have done an amazing job for us! They continue to impress us with new connections and new opportunities. They have gone above and beyond our expectations and we are most grateful for their dedication and hard work. On behalf of Hashbang Games, our entire team wishes to thank GAME PROMOTER™ for all they have done for us!”

The Game Makers | GameGuru

“The team at GAME PROMOTER™ has helped us open up new markets for our game creation products GameGuru and AppGameKit. Their drive and passion to work with us has been impressive and they continue to support our needs for positive PR and press release announcements”


“Working with GAME PROMOTER™ is like having a full-time PR & Business person working with us. They help us to promote and sell our products so we can focus on developing them. They never stop when the work is done. They follow up and support us beyond the agreement. Communication is one of the most important thing, and we get everything and beyond from GAME PROMOTER™”


“Olatunjiworld is a start-up game publishing company, with no track record. Our game, a combination of chess and cards trading games, was our first game. In such a competitive industry with hundreds of millions of games and apps available on mobile platforms, we were expecting to struggle to get any attention from reviewers and journalists when we were ready to launch. From the outset, GAME PROMOTER™ have worked very actively, from testing the game and giving us feedback to improve its gameplay and its appearance, to writing a convincing PR message taking on board the key concepts about the game and about the company that we wanted to communicate, to contacting dozens of reviewers around the world. Their results have been outstanding!”


“At EnsenaSoft, we have used GAME PROMOTER™ for years, and we are continuously pleased by their great writing, friendly service and the amount of places stories about our games and apps turn up as a result of using them. Plus they do it all at an exceptionally great price! They are well worth contacting if you are a mid-size developer. Working with GAME PROMOTER™ is an integral part of our plan for continued success. We like to focus on the game creation itself and it is reassuring to know we have a professional partner who can help us with our PR and Marketing needs”

Ironsun Studios

“We at Ironsun Studios couldn’t have wished for better service for marketing of our games than the service we received from GAME PROMOTER™. We can categorically say they have opened doors for us that no other service has been able to, and shown a love and attention to us above and beyond the call of duty. Outstanding”

Coatsink Software & Games

“We’ve worked with GAME PROMOTER™ on several occasions over the years and have always found their expertise and results to be invaluable, especially at their competitive low cost. We highly recommend GAME PROMOTER™ to all up-and-coming developers!”

99 Games

“Working with GAME PROMOTER™ has always been a pleasure. They are very approachable and extremely prompt despite the time difference to India, where we are based. We have gained a lot of exposure for our games through their service and look forward to working with them in the future!”

Debug Design

“I have worked with GAME PROMOTER™ on multiple projects and have been pleased with the results. They excel at getting your games in front of games journalists and on key websites. They have got my press releases in front of both small reviewers and big game sites! I will be using their services a lot in the coming year”

University Of Games

“We are very grateful to GAME PROMOTER™ for helping us market our first game very well. Their expert help on marketing games, with special emphasis on Indies is just the best. University of Games is very grateful and we’ll definitely work with GAME PROMOTER™ in our future projects”


“GAME PROMOTER™ consistently provides high quality and a level of responsiveness that is unmatched by any other service around. To say that I’m thrilled with their performance is a major understatement”


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