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Firefighters: The Simulation (PSN)

Put Out Blazing Fires In ‘Firefighters: The Simulation’ Making A Splash On PS4®

Your Childhood Dream Comes True!

Indie game developer and publisher UIG Entertainment is proud to announce the North American release of Firefighters: The Simulation now available on PS4®. Buildings ablaze, people in vein and flames shooting several feet high! Welcome to the professional fire brigade. You and your team will experience the exciting work of the professional fire brigade, surviving realistic missions where you extinguish house fires, salvage and neutralize toxic and hazardous substances, and accomplish many other fascinating tasks.

From small fires to CBRN defense ops, the professional fire brigade offers a wide range of operations. Track down and analyze dangerous goods, secure dangerous goods transportation and contain escaping liquids. Use the robot to salvage contaminated objects, and save lives!


  • A large open world scenario including a city, nuclear power plant, industrial park and countryside
  • Search for radioactive substances, extract smoke from tunnels, combat small fires and major conflagrations
  • Includes special vehicles and equipment like turntable ladders, special robots, tank trucks and hook lift trucks

Download Firefighters: The Simulation on PS4® today!

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