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‘Fjong’ Now Available On STEAM™ Challenges You To Explore An Enchanted Land Full Of Magical Candy & Creatures

Indie game developer and publisher VaragtP Studios is proud to announce the worldwide release of Fjong, a cutesy colorful platformer available on PC via STEAM™, in which your task is to help Fjong and his friends reach the sky by eating magical candy!

Game Trailer:

Fjong challenges you to play as one of three birdlike creatures whose biggest wish it is to fly, but their wings are too small… In the land of Fjong, magical candy is available that blows you up like a balloon, thus allowing you to fulfill your dream and go airborne! Explore and experience a fun physics-based platform game with rich and colorful environments.


  • 3 Playable Characters
  • Intuitive Controls
  • 20 Challenging Levels
  • 60 Stars To Collect
  • 20 Additional Stars For Experienced Players

Fjong is a fun game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels and is a must- have in your platform collection today!

Download Fjong today:

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