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Inspired by Classic Shooters ‘Gorescript’ On STEAM™ Offers An Action-Packed FPS With Awesome Pixelated Environments

Carnage & Mayhem Await Those Who Dare!

Indie game developer and publisher Amused Sloth is proud to announce June 15th as the official worldwide release date for Gorescript, a contemporary FPS inspired by the classic shooters that defined the genre. You are challenged to fight your way through 18 handcrafted levels full of carnage and mayhem.

Game Trailer :

Gorescript is a tribute to the best of FPS games and takes place in a pixel universe dominated by relentless monsters looking to destroy you. Grab your pixel-guns and immerse yourself in 18 levels of chaos. Levels are guarded by endless horrors you must face and kill. For a thrilling experience, explore the game in total darkness, your only source of light being your guns blazing! Featuring Masochist and Blackout gameplay modes, Gorescript is packed full of fun and ready for action. Lock and load, baby!


  • 18 hand crafted levels (2.5D)
  • 6 weapons (5 ranged, 1 melee)
  • 5 difficulty levels, Permadeath and Blackout modes
  • Global leaderboard rankings according to your total performance
  • Secrets are not optional but necessary to upgrade your armory
  • Levels can be finished with or without jumps (Jumps available only when you find the Anti-Grav Boots)

Check out Gorescript on STEAM™


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