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Heroes Of Paragon

‘Heroes Of Paragon’ Coming To iOS®, Android™ & Facebook Promises An Action-Packed RTS With Next-Gen Features

Create The Ultimate Army To Battle The Violet Force!

Indie game developer and publisher EVERYDAYiPLAY, whose previous credentials include the popular Vikings Gone Wild on mobile is proud to announce December 3rd 2015 as the official worldwide release date of Heroes Of Paragon, an innovative F2P real-time strategy game coming soon to iOS® and Android™-based phones and tablets, in addition to Facebook Canvas via WebGL. The game has soft-launched in selected regions, such as Canada and Poland, and promises an unforgettable fight against the violet force in stunningly beautiful real-time 3D-based battles. Heroes Of Paragon is one of the first Unity-based WebGL F2P games created in a close collaboration with the engineers at Unity, Mozilla and Facebook corporations.

Launch Trailer:

“Everything was going well in the world of Paragon, we were at peace… and then the evil Violet Force came… Since that day we have been desperately trying to keep our world intact. We will fight until death to protect what we hold dear. Will you join us?”

Heroes Of Paragon takes strategy gaming to its next level by challenging you to a fight against other players in intense base-vs-base battles using a unique combat system. Join guilds with your friends and take on daily challenges offering a refreshing RTS gameplay experience hailed by its current fans as the next generation of Clash Of Clans™.

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