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Pineview Drive (PSN)

Relive The Horrors Of Your Childhood Nightmares In Psychological Thriller ‘Pineview Drive’ Now Available On PS4® In North America

Real Horror Has Many Faces, But Only One Address!

Indie game developer and publisher UIG Entertainment is proud to announce the official console release to their popular psychological thriller, Pineview Drive, now available for download on PS4® in North America.

Pineview Drive is a first-person horror game going beyond the typical story about a haunted house. Dealing with the mechanisms of repression and trauma, the game puts emphasis on players own interpretation of events. The game begins in an old abandoned mansion, which lies at the dead end of Pineview Drive. A troubled man is standing at its gates looking over the property. 20 years ago, he had visited this estate with his wife Linda. During their stay his beloved vanished without a trace, her mysterious disappearance unresolved.

The ominous legends haunting this seaside lodge have become renowned. The stories abound that no one has been able to endure more than 30 days within the mansion since Linda’s disappearance. Facing a force greater than you ever imagined, you must cross the threshold and confront the evil that envelops this cryptic cottage. To solve the mystery of Linda’s disappearance and lift the veil on this troubling history, there is no time to spare.

Pineview Drive challenges you to search for hints and solve puzzles. You cannot protect yourself from evil in the game. You can only avoid it. However, watch out, as your fear is tracked and monitored, and you lose health if you get scared!

Download Pineview Drive on PS4® today!

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