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VR Tank Training

‘VR Tank Training’ On Android™ Offers The Very First Google® Cardboard Compatible Gameplay Experience

Independent games developer and publisher Digital World Studio is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of VR Tank Training, the very first Virtual Reality tank-based training game for Android™ compatible devices, specifically created for Google® Cardboard and similar VR compatible glasses.


VR Tank Training offers a great 3D gameplay experience with binocular rendering that tracks and reacts to head movements. Played in a beautiful desert battlefield surrounded by tropical trees and impressive visuals, your mission is to destroy as many targets as possible, while driving your tank to the next checkpoint. Offering a real-time feel of the training by introducing an intelligent modeling technique based on mesh-blending simulation, similar to techniques used in much larger AAA games, VR Tank Training will impress with its innovative technology and fun gameplay. You can challenge an opponent to beat their score on the global leaderboard or just immerse yourself in the games auditory sensation of natural sounds of war!

VR Tank Training is available at a 50% discount for a limited period, and future updates will include new levels, additional enemy tanks, planes, fighter jets, tower defense and other cool features.

VR Tank Training is available for download from here:

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